Furka Radio was found in the summer of 2023 as a project during the residency In:dépendance organized by the share of architecture an (d) attitude of ETHZ and taking place on the Furka Pass. The residents spent ten days in a previous military building between performance and reaserch and leading a communal life.

The radio project intended to project the experience on the pass beyond its borders delimited by the surrounding mountains and at the same time to bring together and create an exchange between the independent projects curated by the residents.

The act of sharing and exchanging was active part of every moment in the life on the pass, from the shared bedroom to the long dining table, from the supplies to the solar shower.

Starting early in the morning, the shows were accompanying the listeners with music until midday, giving then space to the other residents to participate and share their experiences and work during afternoon interviews. Furka Radio also connected other artists that joined for a guest show or recorded a set to be broadcasted, with the aim to create a community that would trascend distance and borders.

The meaning and sense of the radio was precisely to build a diverse community united by same love for music and belief of its importance throughout all disciplines.

In order to gather and connect such community we organized a Furka Radio Takeover in Zürich. Hosted by Zentralwäscherei we were able to create a connection with the city and with those who didn’t have access or knowledge of the residency.

Copyright © 2024 Lea Graziani, Carolina Catarino Gomes 
OURS YOURS OFFICE, HIL F56, ETH Zürich Hönggerberg

Copyright © 2024 Lea Graziani, Carolina Catarino Gomes

Furka Passhöhe, Dépendance Furkablick, 6491 Realp